We specialize in handcrafted small-batch Mezcal produced with traditional methods passed down for generations.

Our 20 year friendship started in the art department at San Francisco State University in 1997, but the seed for this company was planted in 2006 when we drove a Ford Van zigzagging through Mexico for 30 days with a group of college buddies. We would get together and reminisce about that epic trip over the years and the conversation would always eventually lead to how phenomenal the tequila, pulque, and mezcal were and how we wished we could figure out a way to enjoy them with friends and family back at home.

Fast forward 11 years to a mezcal drinking session where we finally decided to just go for it and do what we had been talking about for 10 years. Yes, the mezcal was blustering that night, but when we talked the next day we decided to start the company and bring back a little piece of awesomeness from Mexico to share with everyone.

We now have formed Frijolotes LLC, a spirit import and worldwide distributing company specializing in agave spirits from Mexico. We have worked out all the regulatory and logistical hurdles to assemble a supply chain into the heart of Mexico.


Young Jung & Fred Baptista

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